Cost-effective technology

Good cleaning results for lower cleaning budgets.

Dart cleaning has an excellent return on investment compared to other cleaning technologies. The more tubes are cleaned, the faster the cleaning pays back for itself. It’s a simple calculation, tube cleaning with projectiles in and out of itself is very affordable. Equipment can be rented on a project basis and the only thing that needs to be purchased are projectiles. While the cost of cleaning is relatively low, the real moneymaker is the decrease in downtime. Every hour that a power generation plant is not running, costs the company a tremendous amount of money. By increasing the cleaning speed, the condenser or heat exchanger can be returned to service faster.

  • Excellent return on investment, even with a large number of tubes
  • Affordable cleaning technology, with consumables being projectiles
  • Projectiles can be used multiple times, further lowering costs
  • Shorter downtime due to fast tube cleaning process

Industry references

Projectile tube cleaning is already performed by various (multinational) companies across the world to clean their heat exchanger and condenser tubes. Some examples of companies are:

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