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In 1995 Abalco® was founded by Job Verschoor in his small office in Dussen, The Netherlands. In the beginning, the company focused on providing cleaning and maintenance services for various heating- and cooling systems. Quickly after that, the focus shifted on providing technical cleaning services for air-cooled evaporators and condensers.

In 2000, Abalco moved to Werkendam, The Netherlands to facilitate further growth of its services. Through increased work and projects, more staff was required. Over the years, Abalco has invested in its own fleet of service vans, cleaning equipment, forklifts, highrisers, and any other type of equipment that would be necessary to perform its services. Next to the traditional cleaning of air-cooled evaporators and condensers, other services were added to Abalco’s disciplines, such as the cleaning of water-cooled equipment i.e.; chillers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, plate heat exchangers and more.

In 2015, Abalco adopted projectile tube cleaning to its services, also known as ”dart cleaning”. Through this innovative technology, the tubes of (large) heat exchangers, chillers, and steam surface condensers can be cleaned at immense speed. Resulting in lower downtime for the customer, less risk for the operators and equipment, and less wastewater. Abalco built their own specialized propulsion systems, which are necessary to shoot the projectiles through the tubes.

Anno 2023, Abalco has over 80 employees and 40+ service vans to perform cleaning services on-site. Abalco provides a wide range of services for its database of over 2000 customers, including multinationals. Furthermore, a selection of employees has been trained and certified according to the DCS-program (Dart Cleaning Services). Meaning that these operators are able and capable to carry out the complete dart cleaning services on-site.

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Projectile tube cleaning is already performed by various (multinational) companies across the world to clean their heat exchanger and condenser tubes. Some examples of companies are:

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