Eco-friendly method

No chemicals, less waste water.

When projectiles remove deposits in heat exchanger and condenser tubes, they do so by a mechanical ”scraping” action, with no need for any chemicals. While Abalco’s propulsion systems use 130 liters/minute of water, it takes only around 5 seconds to clean a tube, regardless of the length. This results in an average water use of ca. 10-15 liters per tube. Compared to other cleaning methods, this results in a significant reduction of waste water created over the course of the cleaning. Less water is used and no chemicals are introduced into the environment.

  • No chemicals required to clean tubes
  • Ca. 10-15 liters of water used to clean 1 tube
  • Eco-friendly cleaning technology
  • Significantly less waste water created per cleaning

Industry references

Projectile tube cleaning is already performed by various (multinational) companies across the world to clean their heat exchanger and condenser tubes. Some examples of companies are:

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