Faster cleaning, less downtime

Dart cleaning is one of the fastest tube cleaning technologies.

In today’s industries, downtime can translate to substantial financial losses. Therefore, keeping the cleaning short and effective is paramount. A projectile is shot through a tube in less than 5 seconds, regardless of the length. Multiplied over a large number of tubes, this translates into a fast cleaning, especially when compared to traditional methods, such as high pressure lancing systems. By cleaning heat exchanger and condenser tubes with projectiles, equipment can be returned to full operation quicker than ever before.

  • Cleaning speed ca. 5 seconds/tube, regardless of the length
  • Easy-to-perform by technicians, less training required before use
  • Cleaning can be performed quickly and therefore more frequently
  • Increase cleaning intervals and thereby optimize equipment effiency

Industry references

Projectile tube cleaning is already performed by various (multinational) companies across the world to clean their heat exchanger and condenser tubes. Some examples of companies are:

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